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 “Rock Till Ya Drop" is an attitude and philosophy of life that I’ve adopted.  As you get older you realize that life is short and you have to follow your passion and dreams.  That’s what The Invictas are doing and the TV show is a result of the band performances.  People want to dance, have fun and the TV show will entertain, share boomer stories, and inspire others to follow their dreams,” says Herb Gross producer of the show.

The show will be shot in high definition TV at events that draw thousands of young families and boomers.  “Wherever there’s a large party or an event going on, that’s where I would like Rock Till Ya Drop TV to be,” says Herb.  The TV show will feature festivals, classic car shows, racing events, boating and fishing events, casinos, interviews of classic rock ‘n roll performers and performances by The Invictas. 

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Who is Herb Gross and the Rock Till Ya Drop Audience?

Herb is the lead singer of The Invictas www.theinvictas.com, and an award winning TV and advertising producer with 30+ years of experience.  As president of Herb Gross & Co. Inc., he has worked with advertisers of all sizes throughout North America. He also writes articles for www.babyboomer-magazine.com and various trade publications. His business web site is: www.herbgross.com.

The TV show will target adults age 30 to 70, the largest population in America.   Included in this audience are the formidable baby boomers that are 79 million strong and control almost 3 trillion in annual spending.

“Baby boomers were the first generation to grow up with rock ‘n roll.  They were born to be wild, and age is only a number to them. They experienced Elvis, Woodstock, The British Invasion, The Beatles, the sexual revolution Viet Nam and more.  Boomers want to have fun and they will not go out the way their parents did.  I believe many will Rock Till They Drop, and that's why this TV show is so important.”  says Herb.

Rock Till Ya Drop is more than TV

At this time, Rock Till Ya Drop includes, a book about the band, the web site, a song written by Herb and Dave Profeta and recorded by the band, and now there’s the TV show.  Who knows what else Rock Till Ya Drop will include in the future?  "I think the idea has tremendous growth and people will really enjoy the fun” says Herb.

Rock Till Ya Drop TV Shooting Schedule

Oldsmar Days and Nights Festival and Parade Oldsmar Florida - Includes classic rock `n roll show by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen along with other classic rock bands, Corvettes and motorcycles for the Vettes and Hogs Night in the park, a fun parade, classic car show and more.

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