The Invictas are a party rock `n roll band. The band plays classic rock `n roll songs that people of all ages love to hear and dance to.

• Songs include: The Shout, Land of A Thousand Dances, What’d I Say, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction as well as several original songs like The Hump, Girl Like You, Skip N Go Naked, Big Caddy Hearse and others.

• The band is 40+ years old, has three of the four original members on stage, and the people who attend the shows are similar to those you’ll see at a Rolling Stones concert.

• The Invictas are a crowd participation band. Women are invited to dance on the stage, and as the lead singer, I go off stage into the crowd to dance.

• Recently The Invictas were surprised to see that they still had some of their ‘60’s pizzazz. At a recent outdoor festival, there were thousands of fans including screaming young girls.

• The Invictas new CD is entitled The Skip N Go Naked Tour, named after a favorite drink called The Skip N Go Naked. The drink was a Tom Collins with beer in it.

• You can hear samples of the band’s music and learn more about The Invictas by clicking here.

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