Rock Till Ya Drop is a philosophy of life. We’ve all heard the saying, “first you work and then you die.” I’ve not only heard it, I’ve seen it happen and probably you have as well.

• Unfortunately, I’ve lost some friends who I thought passed way too early.

• That’s the point of Rock Till Ya Drop! None of us knows how long we’re going to be around, and as we get older, we realize just how short life really is.

• Who ever thought you could turn back the clock 40 years and relive some of your youth? Well, I’ve done it by playing in our rock n roll band, and you can follow your passion as well.

• Perhaps you don’t want to play in a band like I’m doing, but I’ll bet there are lots of other ways you can have fun and rock till ya drop.

This web site might just put a sparkle in your eye and get you revved up to follow your own dreams

Remember That Age Is Only A Number

While baby boomers will find this web site enjoyable, I also invite those of you who are younger (or older) to participate. As mentioned earlier, this web site will only focus on having fun and enjoying life. No negativity here.

"Rock Till Ya Drop!"
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