The book is designed to inspire you to follow your passion by using the story of our rock n roll band as an example.

• The story starts in 1961. The book has lots of photos from the 60’s including pictures of the band with its 1955 Cadillac hearse.

• It tells how the band played for college fraternities, festivals, teen dances and events throughout the Northeast.

• The band recorded a controversial record entitled The Hump, which resulted in fan clubs, large audiences and police escorts.

The Hump became Number One in Miami, made it to the Top 100 in the US, and was banned in Boston.

• Today, The Invictas A Go Go album, which includes The Hump sells for hundreds of dollars on the Internet.

• The book has 109 pages, tells the story of how the band played with The Beach Boys, were featured on The Today Show, appeared in USA Today and 50 other papers across the US. You can download and see some sample pages of the book by clicking here (536KB .pdf).

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